Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Ranga and I am an experienced Java developer. I have been working with Java for many years, after brief stint with C++. Java is my passion. I have worked with Java both on the client side (GUI) and server side.

To design systems in Java, you need to be able to think in terms of objects. Designing object oriented programs in Java is my specialty. This methodology enabled use of Frameworks. Have you heard of IBM San Francisco framework??  I worked with it in 2001. Since then I have seen and worked with many different frameworks including APache Struts, Oracle ADF etc.

I have also long experience with Databases. Have you ever seen or heard about Poet1? It is one of the Object oriented Databases developed. For some reason, Object oriented databases never took off. like the rational databases did. I’ve worked with many RDBMS systems including Oracle, Sybase, MySQL etc.

I used to train our corporate clients in Java and Object oriented methodologies. I developed the course materials for such training. I wish to put my experience and training skill to use in this blog. I hope to develop a unique coursework in Java and present through these blog posts. Hope it will help any new comers to the field. Please come back and visit.