If you develop Server side Java programs, chances are you have seen or used Apache Tomcat. Tomcat is a Java aware Web Server**. It contains Servlet container (called Catalina) and a JSP container (called Jasper) that lets you run Server side Java code.

Here is a link that talks about managing a Tomcat server – how to setup and deploy a  web application inside the Tomcat server:


Note: ** People always ask me, what is the difference between a Tomcat server and Java servers like JBoss. First of all, Tomcat is a “Java aware” Web Server, where as JBoss is an Application Server running Java components. If you are running Servlets or JSP, Tomcat will do. But, if you application contains Enterprise Java (EJB), then you would need much more than Tomcat. You will be running Java containers like JBoss, WebLogic etc.