Nice one! If you have done JSP like I did, I am sure you would have seen this – if a JSP is included in another and it’s already been compiled, then you may still be using a stale binary for the included file. Always make sure your caches and work folders are cleared.

Power to Build

This is related to my earlier post. When we fixed the issue in Servlet Filter in the JSP Web Application we were troubleshooting it went past the first page. We landed on a blank page this time!! We were testing in a mirror site that I had created. According to the developer, the original site work and the new mirror site was having this issue.

To cut the long story short, this was caused by a change developer added to a JSP file to invalidate session. This file was included in the main JSP page that was erroring out. After some digging, I found out that the original JSP wasn’t compiled in a while (See below). Bingo! I made it to recompile, and the original site also failed at the same place. This proved the invalidate() added to be culprit.

JSPs are just short hand notation for Java Servlet…

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